At the risk of sounding earnest, you've changed things, Lindy. In a big, no-going-back way. And on a personal note, you really pulled my ass outta the fire when that fuckwad went after my own fat ladies. Your funny-logical support on that one smoothed my ruffled feathers like no one else could. » 9/05/14 7:13pm 9/05/14 7:13pm

"Chubby chasing" is the "Spanish Harlem" of dating nomenclature. I'm a cis-het single fat woman, and in my experience, people more than marginally familiar with either don't use those terms. (New Yorkers call it "East Harlem," and non-label-hungry breeders with a preference for fat partners generally call it "having a… » 5/22/14 3:49pm 5/22/14 3:49pm

She seems like a nice person who wouldn't trample puppies or anything, but qualified to write a book on the science of the human body? Not so much. And taking photos of fat ladies doesn't excuse purveying misinformation on fatness and morbidity. I'd rather you skip the pics and get your stats straight, if you can only… » 1/10/14 12:51pm 1/10/14 12:51pm

I'm pondering the ways I might've intervened in this situation. (Not judging those who wouldn't.) When kids are involved, I usually go for the "we're learning about human variation in school, right?" (Though perhaps they're not.) Beastly woman, PLEASE be a size bigot in front of me on line at the Target. Please. » 3/29/13 4:15pm 3/29/13 4:15pm

Today is my birthday. I'm turning 53. I'm also fat. I spend a lot of time trying to communicate to fat people that they're as deserving of self-love, respect, and satisfying sex as smaller folks (see: But do I make the same effort telling young women how much they're going to enjoy their… » 3/01/13 4:58pm 3/01/13 4:58pm